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McDonalds employee became a millionaire in Stargames

Spectacular Jackpot Hit of 1.2 Million in Stargames

A beautiful story has happened in the Stargames Casino a while ago. There, a player won the insanity amount of more than 1.2 million €! Certainly, alone that’s worth a headline, but how the whole thing happened even more. It all started for lunch in a McDonald’s branch in Berlin …

Martin is an employee in a McDonals branch in Berlin/Germany. With his salary he can hardly pay the running cost to life. The frustration of this situation and many problems with his boss should lead him in a lunch break to great happiness.

He found an ad from the StarGames Casino and a 100 € Bonus for the registration. With the thought that he has nothing to lose anyway, he joined the Casino. Not knowing how everything works, because he played for the first time, he not only choosed the right slot, but also spun the reels with the maximum bet.

Golden Sevens Slot Novoline JackpotAfter only a few turns all start flashing and the incredible is true: he got Free Spins and won along with that the progressive Jackpot. Ultimately, he exactly won € 1,206,630! After Jackpot and profit were confirmed, he said his boss his opinion and finished the job immediately…

Jackpot Winner at Golden Sevens Slot

We have published this story again, because the Stargames Casino announced a few days ago another player with a 1.2 Million € Jackpot hit. It happened at the Golden Sevens slot by Novomatic. This time the player wants to remain anonymous and we can say so far no further details.

One thing: above the examples prove players make big profits with little effort. The slots and games in Online Casinos have much higher payout rates than in land-based Casinos and the progressive Jackpots on offer are not only numerous, but also have higher values!

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Good news we have for all our readers who might want to try their luck also sometimes. It speaks nothing against it, good entertainment doesn’t necessarily always cost something. Get paid for it! Therefor we offer for new players for the Stargames Casino an exclusive 200 € Welcome Bonus! A rare offer and who knows, maybe it will change your life in a few moments!

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